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I cannot believe there is going to be an actual Sisi’s World – DesignaFriend Doll. If you had asked me last summer whether this was possible I would have said ‘no’. But here we are in May 2020 and it’s been officially announced and I’m so excited.

How did this happen?

To be honest it was just being in the right place at the right time. Last summer my dad took me to the DesignaFriend Patience Vlogger doll launch party. I had such a great time. There was face painting, party food, dressing up, and a dance competition which I happened to win. I think somebody must have noticed me then because a few weeks later I was off to meet the DesignaFriend team and they had a special surprise for me.

As you can see from the video I was very surprised to find out that I would be having my own doll made. But I was also very excited that I would get to make some choices on the dolls hair, clothes, shoes and charm. The most exciting part is planning what we will do for the Sisi’s World – DesignaFriend Doll launch party. I’m hoping there will be more dancing, more party food and lots more fun.

When will the Sisi’s World – DesignaFriend Doll be available?

I don’t know the exact date yet but the doll will definitely be available in time for Christmas. If you keep an eye on the Sisi’s World Blog I will update you as and when I know. I will also be posting some bits on my YouTube channel so make sure you are subscribed and that your notifications are turned on to be first to find out.

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